Monday, April 30, 2012


My little laptop arrived in the mail on Friday and I've had all weekend to play with it. It's amazing just how long computer things take, setting up mail, calendars, settings etc. Not to mention installing Linux alongside the Windows 7 that it came with. This time Ubuntu is my Linux flavour of choice. Very nice it is too.

It does use less power than the old laptop, and is quite a lot smaller, but it does everything I need, and what more can I ask for? Perhaps it being red? Yep, it's red too. :)

Good news about my camera. It started working again, so I'm quite pleased I can show off the chooks today.

Left to right: Female chick, adult hen, a young cockerel(front), "Tee", and 3 more young cockerels
The chicks are 14 weeks old and have been free-ranging with the adults for a few weeks now. Everyone gets along pretty well. Victor the rooster keeps an eye on a couple of the biggest boys, but otherwise all is well. Tee is in this photo. Her condition is amazing since she recovered from being sick (the sick one from the auction), but after she moulted, she's come out in white spots. Hmm..

Marty lets Victor the rooster back into the chook side of the gate
Things are getting a little squishy in the chick house, so we're considering merging the two groups pretty soon. They already spend every day together, the young ones have worked out how to use the treadle feeders already - so it's just the night accommodations really. Then we'll have to start dealing with all the young cockerels, and I'm sorry to say, that means lots of chicken dinners. Honestly, though, they've had much longer and happier lives than supermarket chickens do.. which helps, but it's still kinda sad.

Our next goal is getting the little wood heater installed. We took it off the ute and brought it inside and (as with everything we bring home) suddenly it looks bigger than it did in the shop. It's getting quite cold quite quickly, so we need to get a move on!

Until next time.


  1. How nice it is to see you back in the land of the bloggers Manda. I enjoy reading the progress of your cottage and chooks. We always sell our young cockerels at chicken auctions because I just can't hear to eat them.

  2. Love the pics of the Chooks. But I love the pic of Marty the best. Thanks Manda. Mom