Friday, August 03, 2012

The Bathroom

There's a TV show called The Block, where the contestants are given a week to renovate a room completely and are then judged on the outcome. After the last four weeks renovating the bathroom here, I have absolutely no idea how they do it all in only a single week.

The whole room was pulled apart, walls, roof and floor - all gone. I didn't take any pictures. Instead I'll wait until it's finished (or at least, in a usable state). I'm not sure why.. perhaps so it gets finished! Maybe I feel like if I take photos, it'll sit like that online forever.. like the middle two rooms floor!

The plumber and "sparky" have played their parts, but the builder has been here almost every day working hard and doing the bulk of the work. Marty and I have been helping (and showering at work!)

The floor is in, as are the walls and the roof. Insulation has been put in all around. The waterproofing membrane is painted in the shower area, and the tiles are almost all in. The grout is next - being done this weekend by me.

We have a new toilet ready to install, a vanity unit on order, and a fan/light/heater unit ready to put in too.. it's coming along!

But no photos yet. :)


  1. Sounds exciting. A lot of those tv shows (including garden make-overs) are done by professionals with a crew. They show you the hosts/contestants doing their share of the work - as they should - but what you don't see are the hoards of workers carting stuff away.

    I used to feel the same way about our garden, like you do about the renovations - why take pictures? But then if you go back to the very beginning, you can see the progress. It's a painful process taking pictures of things half done or just beginning, but it's awesome when you get it done and you can look back.

    But sometimes the work is just too much too. I don't take pictures of everything either, lol.

  2. cannot wait to see it done i love watching ti all come together