Thursday, August 16, 2012

The first shower

The bathroom isn't finished yet, but even so, we took our first shower in it yesterday. It was a very long and lovely shower! :)

I feel brave enough to show some pictures now, if you'd like to see..

This picture is from yesterday - the blue tape is from when I was painting.. it's gone now though.

I got this today to fit in that empty corner. My poor plants aren't looking very happy after spending so much time in the spare room where I've forgotten to water them!

Got a bit more work to do yet.. a little bit more painting, I have a new shower curtain that needs the hem sewing, the heater/light/fan needs to be installed, need a towel rail, toilet roll holder.. that kinda thing. At very least we can shower! It's a lovely feeling.


  1. its looks moved into your cottage around the same time as we moved here to the farm..and we are just now about to start renoing our shower room too ,so this is inspiring LOVE LOVE

  2. I love how you've left the space open. We have a problem with mould building up because we have a fully enclosed (glass) shower cubicle. I can definitely see the benefits in keeping ventilation open, and with that window, you may not even need a ventilation fan. Just open it after you've showered and let the cross flow sort out the extra moisture.

  3. Great job. Well done!!!

    Seeing this and reading your post brought back the memories of when we first moved up into the hills area and had to live in a shed while we saved enough to build our house. There was already a shower in the shed but we had to pull it down because of the rats that had taken up residence in the wall (UGH!!)
    We had to take to take turns to sit in a plastic bowl with feet planted on the floor while we each washed the others back. The bath program went like this .... wash and dry face neck ears etc. sit in bowl to take care of "those" parts while partner washes and drys the back, stand and wash legs and feet.
    We laugh about it now but it was such a great relief when the shower could be used.
    You have really done a very good job of yours Manda.