Sunday, September 02, 2012

Finished projects

The bathroom is almost finished now. I've only a little painting to do around the door, the door itself and I still need to put up another towel rail on the door.. Little things in comparison to all that has happened in this tiny room!

What do you think?

The floor tiles look shiny only because they're wet - I had to clean the floor before the glamour shots! :)

Showering in there is so many million times better than the old bathroom. I couldn't count the ways! For starters, it's nice not to have to climb into the bath first.. there's more room to shower now.. it's not cold or draughty.. there's a fan.. and there's definitely no mould!

The few minor things aside, we're happy to consider this project finished. :) I'll be busy doing those smaller things sometime in the coming couple of weeks - since I need to keep busy with Marty away visiting Mom in the US!

So, while the cat's away (so to speak..) I took the opportunity to go shopping! Ok, I'll be honest. I don't like shopping and it was really difficult making a decision - I would have much preferred Marty to be making it.. BUT.. I took a chance on a cheap $79 Billy Bookcase from Ikea.

I put it together by myself (although the instructions do say it needs 2 people), and hey presto, it fits perfectly!

Guess I'll have to get another for the other side now. But first I have to fix the plaster on the wall.. and paint the fireplace sorround.. fix it back onto the wall there.. could do with some new carpet too.. oh, but the floor needs a little TLC first.. and.. and..  you get the idea!

I'll keep working on it.. until next time!


  1. It's a nicely done bathroom :) If u have a shower cubical u can very easily keep the washroom dry :)

  2. Looks great! With the Billy bookcase, I have seen a bunch of ikea hacks where they have made them into 'built ins' by adding just a bit of trim and such - maybe something you could consider doing? (check out for ideas)

  3. Oh yes, I like the IkeaHackers website. Actually, Ikea had an example of how to dress up Billy Bookcase in the store - they had wallpaper on the back. It looked great! Believe it or not, I did try that with my Billy. It turned into a minor disaster, so I had to give up for now, but I'll try again with wrapping paper or maybe even contact. The old wallpaper I used was a big mess. hehe

  4. Looks amazing. Always new this was a dream of Marty's, being self sufficient while living off of many of the lands natural resources. Btw, I'm a old friend of his from the states. Glad to see the two of you working on such a project that will only teach you more about eachother while bringing you closer to a dream that you both obviously share together.