Friday, December 14, 2012

Another one

Ah no, I fell for another one! Consider these *before* photos!!

The top is all scratched up.. and I need to take off those terrible wheels!

The treadle is (just a) little rusty..

The machine looks ok from the front, but..

The back shows signs of being left out in the rain.

It does move, but not well. You can see the rust all over the place. It's just not healthy.

Still I didn't buy it for the machine, but rather for the cabinet. I still need a treadle for my 319k - since the one I purchased for that purpose came with a nice little 201p machine in it (that wasn't rusty, it works nicely and I kinda fell for it..) So, since I couldn't use that treadle for the little green machine, I've had my eye open for another treadle with a dead machine in it for a while now.

This one was found at the tip shop, and we paid $50. A little higher than the other machines, but it was local rather than having to drive 6 hours to Melbourne and back for a $30 one! (Which is about $50 in petrol saved as it is.)

I've cleaned it up, and I might take it and the 201 treadle up to the farm the next time we visit. My little green 319k is on holiday at Mum's, so I'll pick it up on the way through.

Not that the green machine had a relaxing holiday! Mum loved using it (so much so, she's getting a sewing machine for Christmas this year), but the foot control died and I have it here for repair. Turns out the capacitor broke, leaking out it's insides, and making the machine run constantly at full speed. I've read that technically I don't need to replace the capacitor, and just use it without one. (It is just there to reduce "noise") but I'd like to replace it anyway. It's been tricky finding a replacement, but I think I finally got lucky.. sadly it's out of stock, so I could be waiting a little while yet. No hurry - there's no 240v power up at the farm yet anyway. :)

Until next time!

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  1. Nice find and good price! That cabinet is the same as one that I have - I inherited the machine in its cabinet from my mother who would have bought it new early in my parent's marriage. I notice the handle on the door is missing - it's a square one on my cabinet. The rust doesn't look too bad from the pic but it doesn't look like you've sprayed it with anything yet. I hope it comes up nicely for you.

    PS Thanks for the info about the chook watering cups. It's taken a while but my girls are now using them and it's so much better using that system than old laundry tubs full of water.