Thursday, January 10, 2013

My most favourite kitchen photo yet!

Having my brother, Ross, here to stay over Christmas has inspired us all to get renovating again! These last few days have been concentrating on painting the kitchen, and I am thrilled with the results. I'm trying to find a 'before' photo to compare it with, but we havn't really taken any photos of this spot since the Bakers Oven went in!

We chose yellow to make the room more cheerful. The sun shines in here only in the late afternoon in the summertime. (Which is why it looks so pretty right now!)

Otherwise Ross and I have done some more plastering of the walls in the loungeroom. That doesn't photograph so well, so I'll wait until it's finished to show it off. There's a bit more to go yet though! We've also been painting and repairing the picket fence out the front. It's been a bit too hot to finish that one lately though.

We're going to miss Ross (and his cooking!) when he's gone. Hopefully he comes back to visit again really soon. :)


  1. The kitchen looks beautiful. I love the color. So bright and sunny. The blue goes real well with it. Good job.

  2. Looking soooooooooo good - I love the way you have used the chimney space to store your pots and pans!!

  3. I LOVE and ADORE the color and the white painted brick is really nice..just my style very nice

  4. Looks great! Is that a thermomix (or equivalent) I spy in the corner?

  5. Hi Claire! Yeh, that's Thermie alright. :)