Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Almost speedy progress

Lime wash isn't the fastest of painting methods, but it does look nice once it's finished! We also have piece of mind knowing that the walls are more able to breathe now. Ignoring all the advice we've been given to use bondcrete, concrete or paint sealant on the walls, we hope the house will be happy and healthy for many years to come.

The bedroom again - the pink is ok, although not my favourite colour, the texture is nice. We're happy with it.

Marty is resting his broken wrist. He's only got one more week before he can have it taken off. It's been great having him home so much, although he's in more of a supervisor / foreman position when it comes to the renovations at the moment.

The front loungeroom. The white is a tad boring after a while, colouring the lime is a bit tricky. Once we've finished painting a room white, we rarely want to paint it over again. Plus I'm a little nervous about making coloured limewash!

There's just one room left to finish - the bedroom up the front. At the moment, it looks a mess:

It won't be long before it looks as good as the other rooms. (I have to keep reminding myself that too!) The carpet is chosen, and ready at the store.. we just have to finish this last room (which is tiny really) and we can have it put down. I hope it looks good. The choosing is the hardest part really.

Oh, and for the sad news.. we recently said a sad goodbye to our 1986 Hilux Ute. It tried to take us and a heavy 4 poster bed up to the farm, it really did. The engine failed about 2 hours into the trip and Ute never started again. Getting a replacement engine was going to be quite hard given it's age, and the cost of that alone would have been much more than the ute was purchased for (a mere $700). Added to that the automatic transmission was failing (we honestly thought that would be the first to go, we had no idea the engine was in trouble!), we thought it was time to let go. We sold it to the wrecker. We got many parts for the ute from that same wrecker, so it's nice to think that someone else's ute may benefit from our loss.

Until next time!

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  1. A sad loss - a good ute is a friend for life ...

    The limewash looks great Amanda - and an excellent choice too. These old buildings are built in the expectation they will be able to breath - a battle I constantly fight with tradies who 'know better' myself. Good on you for sticking to what you know to be right.