Sunday, June 23, 2013

Bedroom pics

We've been working on the loungeroom and bedroom lately, and they're both finished except for carpet of course. It's a very strange feeling actually. Marty and I looked at old pictures just to remind us how far we've come recently.

The bedroom wall - it needed a little scraping back. Some of the paint was lifting off, and underneath that is bright blue! I think the blue is a lime-based paint too, which is interesting.

I skipped over the whitewashing part, because it's a difficult thing to photograph. Basically we put up 3 coats of whitewash. It's best to wet down the wall first, and once it's wet, apply the "paint". It looks like you havn't done anything productive for all the work, but give it 24 hours and the results show themselves. Do that again twice more and it starts to look really nice!
Then we tried a coloured version of the limewash. We used sheep raddle! It's readily available around here at the farm supplies store. I used a combination of red and blue, but it mostly came out pink anyway!

The first coat dried a little light, so I added quite a bit of blue. The end result:

We both wished it was a little more purple, but it's a nice pink. :)

The bedroom is back together, the loungeroom has been moved into the middle room that's finished (it's just white, no colours), and we've started working on the front loungeroom. Already we've repaired the cracks, removed the carpet and fixed a few holes.

So, that's our progress over the past month or so. Of course we wish things were moving along at a quicker pace, but being only human and all...

Until next time!


  1. You are going great guns Manda - so jealous!! It's too darn cold here to leave the fire in the loungeroom!!