Monday, August 11, 2008

Removal of the roses (part 1)

The weekend with Marty here was wonderful from a personal perspective, but also from a getting unpacked perspective. He's very good at starting something and not getting sidetracked by the huge list of other jobs that also need doing. It really was a good weekend. The spare bedroom with the huge white cupboards in it is now tidy (mostly) and the cupboards are clean and full of clothes.

As for today, the front garden had a visit from Mum and Michael and a shovel. :) Marty and I offered the huge roses out the front to them, because we'd rather use the space for much more useful plants. Thankfully the camera has found it's second wind, and I was able to take some more pictures with it! This is a picture of the left hand side of the house (looking at the front door from the gate), and how the right side also looked "before".

It is a pretty rose, but we're just not into roses. It's also very spiky and gets us when we walk past!

There are/were two roses in the front gardens, one of them looked like this:

So, first went the climbing rose on the right side of the house:

There must have been at least 4 different pipes they were careful not to break.

Then came out the right hand side rose at the front.

Mum and Michael are going to attempt to grow them in their garden (good luck!) and we get to use the area for something we're much more enthusiastic about. The end result:

It lets in a bit more light into the house, too. Perhaps a deciduous plant over the veranda would be a better option - since it would let the light in in the winter, and help shade the area in the summer. We'll research into what plant would best suit the purpose. Also, because of the pipes, a climber with the roots in a pot would probably be a safer choice.

Part 2 to follow tomorrow when the other two roses are taken away!


  1. Hi Amanda and Marty,

    I like the blog. The house looks cool. Is that a separate building out back? If so, it would make a good workshop and storage. Let me know what's happening.


  2. Hi Arnie! Yes, the building out the back is a garage/storage area. I'll take some pics of that soon - it's brick too, and has lovely green double doors and a pot belly stove inside. :)