Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Supplementary Post

No removing roses today! So instead, I took some pictures of the garage/shed - especially for Arnie. :)

This is the pot-belly stove:

This is our compost bin - we haven't got any worms at the moment, so this will do until then!

This is the view - of a big silo and a train line!

The back of the house isn't as pretty as the front, that's for sure!

One of the two chimneys..

And this shed perhaps needs to be taken down before it falls down! ;)

The tree beside it was an almond tree - quite dead-looking now.

Oh, and I found a great website I thought I'd share. It's an Australian Government website called My Environment. For example, I could find out that the soil here is a sandy loam (I knew that!) and which species of plants and animals are in trouble in the local area.. as well as heritage information for some of the towns buildings. Lots of interesting information.

The local council also has available a Welcome Pack that has plenty more information about the local services available, as well as a handy map. Hmm.. I don't really think we need a map, come to think of it! It is a very small town. :)

I have a noisy guest hanging around lately - a beautiful looking cat - but why does it want to meow at the door? I hope it wasn't the previous owners cat! It runs when I opened the door, so I guess I'm not the person it was expecting to see. Well, either that, or it's not meowing, but calling for a mate. Eek! Still, it is a very pretty little thing - I hope it is owned by someone who loves it - because they'll need to get it from the ranger at this rate. ;)

Keep warm! :)

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  1. Hey,

    Very nice. Good place for a workshop or even a little guest house for when people come to visit-hint, hint. Just kidding. I'm glad you found such a nice place. I and really enjoy the blog.