Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rain and computer issues...

After a few computer problems and a major upgrade of my software, I'm back with more pictures and updates on the Old Miners Cottage! (It really shouldn't have taken this long.. *grumbles*)

Taking an idea off Aussies Living Simply, we used old roof tiles as a border for the extension to the garden bed out front. It will create a lot more garden bed, and it will look a lot nicer than the old, rotting away railway sleepers.

Not bad for only 20c a piece, saved from landfill by the local tip-shop.

At last, we have a flower blooming that isn't pink. :)

Not forgetting the sunflowers, of course. One is just starting to open up. It's just lovely! The other shouldn't be too far off. You may be able to see from that photo that we have, indeed, had rain. Everything in the garden is looking a little better for it.

The mini-corn has corn cobs starting. This will be interesting. We've had plenty of wind to pollinate them during the last few days, and the bees are enjoying the flowers too.

The water tanks are still not operational as yet - just 3 more leaks to go! One popped-up underground where we weren't expecting it, and the others are fairly small - Marty and I will fix them tomorrow with luck. :)

The worms have had a boost as of yesterday. We purchased 1,000 more worms. There are Reds, Tigers and Blues now making their home in among our existing worms. We're planning on ditching the "Can 'o' Worms" as soon as we get the worm-bath set-up. They should be able to maintain a more stable temperature in a cast iron tub.

Until next time!


  1. Glad you're back. The garden and the new border look great.

  2. All that hard work is paying off. Great to see your sunflowers about to burst open. Who would've thought roof tiles could be so useful.

    The yard is looking good. No doubt the worm castings will make it even better.