Monday, March 16, 2009

Nice weather for gardening

We've had enough rain to test out the water tanks, and the one located in the front yard looks like it's ready to be dug-in! I put a sheet of corrugated iron down just in-case the bamboo decides to do some exploring in that direction. It's completely covered now, as are all the pipes! Hooray! It looks much better.

We did some general tidying up of the garden, and have nearly finished the garden bed made of roof tiles. It's looking great, but I'll have to take a picture in the morning light for you! The lovely cool weather means we can work out in the garden as much as we want.. and now the tanks are all installed, all rain is welcome!

Hopefully the last testing of the water tanks will be done tomorrow, and we can be sure that nothing else is going to go wrong (at least for the time being), we'll bury the rest of the pipes in.

Yesterday we picked-up a free chest freezer from someone advertising on Freecycle, and we'll be happily using that as a raised garden bed for lettuce and other water-loving plants really soon.

The projects never stop. ;)

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  1. Glad your water tanks are nearly ready to go. I hope it rains and fills them up for you.