Sunday, September 05, 2010

Chooks on the horizon

We took the attitude of "throw it up and see what happens" with the chook pen door today. Neither of us have done doors before, but so far, so good!

It still has a little adjusting to do, because it opens only enough to squeeze through so far. It was made using scrap iron and timber slats from an old bed. Even the hinges were found!

Sandwiched between the iron sheets is some insulation.. We're still planning on insulating the rest of the walls too.

There has been a great amount of rain throughout Victoria, starting on Thursday night and continuing until early this morning we got a total of 49.2mm (1.9 inches). There have been flood warnings and sand-bagging, but nothing to worry about in Stawell itself. Our pond is back, however, bigger than ever!

The plants are loving it, as are the weeds. I only recently planted some carrot seeds in the "sleeper bed", so hopefully they're still ok after that soaking!

This year I'm trying to do more mulching, to keep down the weeds and to keep the moisture in the soil. This is the new garden bed on the north side of the garden shed. We planted a passionfruit vine and hopefully it'll cover that area soon!

Hopefully we'll be hearing the cluck of chooks in the backyard soon!

Until next time!

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  1. Chook Pen looks great. And it's good you dated it inside for future archaeologists. Can't wait to see some pics with the chooks enjoying it...Arnie