Monday, February 11, 2013


Apologies for the lack of posts lately. I'm seriously lacking some inspiration for updating on our progress. The good news is, at least, there is actually some progress being made!

This was how it looked late last month.

The kitchen is pretty much finished now. There are a couple of touch-ups to do, but I have officially put the paint away and cleaned it all up. The house no longer looks like a painting/construction zone, and the kitchen is functional and quite pretty as well. I'm very happy with the colour!

That picture still needs hanging up.. and maybe we should move the little cupboard more towards the centre there. The wall colour seems to change from a cream colour to a yellow colour, depending on the light.

Oh and not only that, but the spot near the stone that has been missing wood since we put the Bakers Oven in, has finally, unbelievably got wood in it!! I've still got to paint some linseed oil on it, but check it out!

There has been progress made in plastering as well. The loungeroom at the front of the house is *almost* done on two of the walls. You really wouldn't believe just how much lime plaster these walls needed. We've done at least 2 coats on them already, and another coat is needed for finishing it off. It's so difficult to describe, so I think I'll just let the pictures do the talking with this one too.

It took quite a long time to get the liquid nails off the wall, the lines are still evident. The skirting board is new as well. It won't be long until it's attached to the wall properly.. but even now it gives a finished feeling to the wall. It's going to look great.


This wall has looked so bad for so long. Would you believe since April 2009? The comparison is only a click away! It's almost weird to see it look like an actual wall.

Ross is still here and helping out, and it's been great having him here. He's turning into quite a good plasterer as well! :)

I'm feeling the momentum to get these annoying projects out of the way. Once the front loungeroom is finished off some more, we'll concentrate on the other one. Nothing has happened in there for quite some time, but it's a big job, and I wanted to get better at plastering before moving onto that one. (The plasterer that was helping us seems to have run and hid. I can understand that!!)

Until next time!


  1. Looks really good Manda - love the colour - what is it?

  2. The yellow colour in the kitchen is called Cheese Stick, and the white in there is called Goats Cheese. It has a slight yellow tinge to it - only noticeable when right up against a different white. I found choosing colours to be one of the most difficult things! There are SO MANY whites to choose from, let alone colours!!

  3. Tell me about it :-( . The white I chose for the kitchen is a bit too pale for my taste, but hey, what can you do. I love your colours though - sunshiney without being too 'in your face'!!

  4. Aw thanks Jo, that was exactly what I was going for! :)