Saturday, February 23, 2013

Now there's more to do in the lounge!

The roof in the loungeroom came down the other day, and it took some doing. Ross and Marty and a couple of pry-bars did all the work. The original roof is still up, and we're happy to leave it that way. We just couldn't work with the wood that was covering it, because it only went as far as the walls were that we took down already.

There isn't much we havn't done to that loungeroom now. From foundations, to sub-floor, to floor and plastering, and now just the ceiling and architraves left to go. Oh, and a lot of whitewash I imagine!


  1. yay! Good to see someone making progress... sigh

    1. Ah, if progress was pulling things apart, we'd have finished long ago! ;)