Saturday, March 23, 2013

The list..

We're getting through it!

To help us along, we created a small table saw using a circular saw mounted to the bottom of a table, which we made from the bottom half of the old back door. You also can see the shed window.. The old one is the rotted bits of wood below it, and the new one is all finished now. It only took a couple of days and about $40 for the new glass, and another $40 worth of wood.

Marty sanding the step

The finished product

 This is the step between the loungeroom and the kitchen. It's such a beautiful piece of wood - this one was found in our pile. (We don't throw much out around here if we can help it.) Turns out this use to be the mantle piece for the loungeroom before we ripped it all out. It had liquid nails all over the back of it (That's how it was held up! Can you believe??) and it was painted white - really badly, I might add. Such a beautiful piece of wood - what a waste. I hope it enjoys it's new position in the house!

Next came the saga of the loungeroom ceiling. Gary the builder, Marty and I all decided that it really should come down, so Ross and Marty got completely black and disgusting and pulled down all the pine covering to see what was underneath. Turns out that whole side of the ceiling was being held up by only the one corner. Yikes! With some very industrial props, the ceiling was pushed up to where it needed to be, and we attached everything together again using saddles and big long screws. (The old nails had fallen out long ago..) This roof isn't going to move again, that's for sure! As a bonus, we've got quite a lot of extra head-room in there now! haha

BEFORE! Note the height of the ceiling relative to the window

After - much more secure.

 Gary the builder has been busy putting the architraves up!

We're all going to be here for Tuesday when we'll help Gary put the ceiling up. Pretty exciting!

There's still plastering and painting to do of course, but it really feels like the list of renovations is finally getting shorter.

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  1. Very impressive - and nice to get all that manky black ceiling dirt out of the way too!! Makes for easier housekeeping in the long run!