Wednesday, March 27, 2013

So it's Wednesday..

Yesterday didn't turn out as planned, but there was action today!

All hands on deck to put up the plasterboard.

With the ceiling put up, they even got 3 of the cornice bits installed before home-time.

We're hoping for an early start tomorrow morning to finish it off. I hope the hardware store has the rest of the architraves we need now. We've been waiting for far too long for them to arrive. I might have to take a 30 minute drive to the next town to get the remainder just so we can finally finish the job.

Oh - and it's worth a mention that we did a good amount of painting on the front fence yesterday. It's looking fantastic.. but there are a few things to finish there before the final pictures are taken. Since we're finally getting some rain, we're happy to wait to finish painting. :)


  1. Wow ! It looks like you are getting a lot done. I admire the way you guys recycle everything. I look forward to seeing pics of the house completely done. I wish I could see it for myself. Marty I love the beard and mustache. Mom

  2. Oh yay! So looking forward to the day when that happens in my lounge room!! You are making great progress there guys!!