Thursday, May 02, 2013

Happiness is a..

I just had to share a happy photo with you all!

Marty - thrilled with his Ukulele. :)

It looks like I never did update you with pictures from the roof in the loungeroom - or the painted fence! How slack am I?

The loungeroom is waiting on our good electrician friend to hook up the light and a power point, but is looking much more habitable now. Ross and I painted the roof and arcs a lovely shade of .. white. Ok, not very exciting, but that's what the other rooms look like as well.

Painting the picket fence was painfully slow. I wouldn't recommend pickets to anyone! (Well, unless they never needed painting or replacing.) On the plus side, they look great now!! I'll get a photo tomorrow. No, really, I will. :)

The chooks are just finishing up their annual moult. Just one left to feather-up and they'll be set for winter. We've been getting 0 eggs per day lately - and since we didn't produce any chicks this year, we'll not expect any eggs this winter either.

Otherwise, we've been enjoying expanding our food choices recently. We're still gluten free, but we're eating onions, garlic and different fruits and vegetables that were on the "avoid" list on our previous diet. The previous diet worked wonders for all kinds of health issues I was experiencing, but I felt it was time we moved-on, since it felt like we'd be restricted long enough (and my health wasn't quite perfect still, despite the restrictions). I'm happy to report that we're all feeling great and everyone in the household is happy and feeling more healthy every day.

Infact, it's been so much fun making sauerkraut and pickles and big lots of stock/broth. Ross has been making milk and water kefir and cooking up new and different foods for dinner. We tend to avoid too many starches and grains, and I'm especially avoiding sugar (except a little honey). I'd call it a relaxed version of the GAPS diet I suppose.

Anyway, everyone's gone to bed, and the fire has well and truly gone out for the evening. Have a good night and I'll update again tomorrow!

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